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New Sports Prints This Month

New Yorker Covers
Winter Sports
- Skiing, Skating, Hockey

New Yorker Covers - Winter Sports
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  New Yorker Covers - Sports   (1930s-1990s)
     Winter Sports  NEW
  English Cigarette Card Prints - Swimming 
  Almanac of Twelve Sports
  -  William Nicholson  (1898) 
  British Sportsman   -  Samuel Howitt (1812)    
  Rules of Golf - Charles Crombie Golf Prints  (1966)  
  British Sports Prints - Annals of Sporting  (1823)  
  Equestrian Prints - Russian Horses
  Duck Decoy Prints - Joel Barber  (1932) 
  British Sports Prints - Henry and Samuel Alken 
  Life of a Sportsman
  -  Henry Alken  (1914)
  Sporting Dog Prints   (1930)
  Golf Prints - Punch Magazine   (early 1900s)
  French Gun Prints   (1907)
  British Sports Prints - Equestrian, Fishing, Hunting  (1820s-1830s)
  Gamonia, or The Art of Preserving Game (1930) 
  British Sporting Dog Prints  -  Philip Reinagle  (1803-1804)
  Fishing Flies by Charles Orvis  (1955) 
  British Equestrian and Hunting Prints - Life of John Mytton  -  Henry Alken   (1877) 
  Equestrian Prints from Fores's Sporting Notes
  North American Trout   (1928) 
  English Fox Hunting Prints   (1891) 
  Equestrian and Veterinary Prints  (Late 1800s)
  Winter Sports Prints - Skiing and Skating   
  Trout Fishing Flies by Month   (1904) 
  Fly Fishing Prints  (1902) 
  British Sports Prints   -  Henry Alken  (1903) 
  Cigarette Card Prints - Angling  (1928) 
  Specimens of Riding Around London  -  Henry Alken  (c. 1820s)  
  Oriental Field Sports   -  Samuel Howitt  (1807)  
  Fishing Prints - British Angler's Manual  (1841) 
  The Chace, The Turf and The Road (Equestrian Prints)  -  Henry Alken  (1870)  
  Cigarette Card Prints - Winter Sports (1914) 
  Equestrian Prints - John Leech  (mid-1800s) 
  Cigarette Card Prints - Golf  (1939) 
  Cigarette Card Prints - Sailing Ships  (1929) 
  Baseball Cigarette Cards 
  Life of John Mytton (early 1900s)  
  Ships of the Royal Navy  (1872)
  Copes' Golfers (1900)
  North American Trout (1928) 

About our Sports Prints

  • Many of our prints are originals, just as they appeared when first published.  Reproductions are noted.

  • NEW items are identified on the site.  If an existing title has had new prints added this month, it is marked as UPDATED.

  • As we have only one copy of many of the prints shown on our site, items marked as SOLD are no longer available for purchase.

  • Prints can be purchased "As Is", Matted only, or Matted and Framed.  A variety of frame styles are available.

  • All prices are US$.

  • With over 20,000 prints in our collection, please Contact Us if there is a print you are looking for but don't see on our site.


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