Antique Rose Prints - Ellen Willmott's Genus Rosa
Antique Rose Prints from
Ellen Willmott's Genus Rosa
(England, 1914)
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These antique Rose prints are from the first edition of Ellen Willmott's The Genus Rosa, one of the finest of the twentieth century books on Roses. Willmott (1858-1934), one of the most respected gardeners of her time, created the gardens at Warley Place. She was particularly interested in Roses, with several named after her. The Rose prints are based on watercolors by Alfred Parsons (1847-1920), also known for his landscapes. Wilfrid Blunt, British art historian, describes Parsons Rose prints as "his best botanical illustrations".


Price per print: Print Only:  $135
Matting Charge:  $40
Framing & Matting Charge:  $210
Dimensions: Print Only:  10 x 14 inches
Matted:  16 x 20 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: 1914
Other details: Includes copy of accompanying page of text

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Rose Print - Rugosa Rose (No. 10600017)
Plate 17
Rugosa Rose
Rosa ruga

Rose Print - Chinese Rose (No. 10600029)
Plate 29
Chinese Rose
Rosa Chinensis

Rose Print - Tea Rose (No. 10600034)
Plate 34
Giant Tea Rose
Rosa gigantea

Rose Print - Old Garden Rose (No. 10600036)
Plate 36
Old Garden Rose
Rosa fortuniana

Rose Print - Hamiltons Rose (No. 10600043)
Plate 43
Hamilton's Rose
Rosa involucrata

Rose Print - Laxa Rose (No. 10600053)
Plate 53
Laxa Rose
Rosa laxa


Rose Print - Beach Rose (No. 10600058)
Plate 58
Beach Rose
Rosa rugosa

Rose Print - Carolina Rose (No. 10600068)
Plate 68
Carolina Rose
Rosa Carolina

Rose Print - Yellow American Rose (No. 10600087)
Plate 87
Yellow American Rose
Rosa spinosissima

Rose Print - Manchu Rose (No. 10600094)
Plate 94
Manchu Rose
Rosa xanthina

Rose Print - Alpine Rose (No. 10600099)
Plate 99
Alpine Rose
Rosa pendulina

Rose Print - Alpine Rose (No. 10600100)
Plate 100
Alpine Rose
Rosa malyi

Rose Print - Gallic Rose (No. 10600109)
Plate 109
Gallic Rose
Rosa gallica

Rose Print - Shrub Rose (No. 10600113)
Plate 113
Shrub Rose
Rosa sancta

Rose Print - Province Rose (No. 10600121)
Plate 121
Province Rose
Rosa provincialis

Rose Print - Province Rose (No. 10600123)
Plate 123
Province Rose
Rosa provincialis

Rose Print - Dog Rose (No. 10600128)
Plate 128
Dog Rose
Rosa canina

Rose Print - Desportes Rose (No. 10600134)
Plate 134
Desportes Rose
Rosa Macrantha

Rose Print - Sweet Briar (No. 10600145)
Plate 145
Sweet Briar
Rosa eglanteria

Rose Print - Dog Rose (No. 10600149)
Plate 149
Dog Rose
Rosa jundzilli

Rose Print - Chinese Rose (No. 10600175)
Plate 175
Wild Chinese Rose
Rosa lucidissima