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Curtis's Botanical Magazine (England)

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Large-flowered Gentian

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Vernal Gentian

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Fringed-flowered Gentian

Original hand-coloured copper engravings
Includes copy of accompanying text page
(Year of print shown in parenthesis)

Print Dimensions:  5 x 8- inches
Matted Dimensions:  12 x 16 inches

Price per print: Print Only:  $70
Matted:  $85
Matted & Framed: $165
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Porcelane-flowered Gentian

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Porcelane-flowered Gentian


Notes on Matting
We use acid-free mat board, backing board and hinging tape to preserve the integrity of these antique prints.

Notes on Framing
Most prints are matted to a standard frame size.  This means that you can purchase a ready-made frame at a good art supply store to frame the print.  We also offer custom framing services using a variety of wood and gold moulding styles.  Contact us for more details on the styles available.