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Van Houtte Orchids

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(Belgium, 1877)

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These beautiful Orchid prints are from the 12th volume of Flore des Serres (Flowers of the Greenhouse) edited by Louis van Houtte.  This volume was published in 1877 in Belgium.  First issued in 1845, Flore des Serres consisted of 15 volumes, published on a yearly basis;  the 12th volume was part of what was called the Second Series.


Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:   $15
Framing & Matting Charge:  $95
Dimensions: Print Only:  6 x 9-1/4 inches
Matted:  12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: 1877
Other details: Includes page of background text (in French)


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921001.jpg (22269 bytes)

Cypripedium concolor

921002.jpg (27391 bytes)
Epidendrum sanguineum
921003.jpg (17887 bytes)
Orchis foliosa
921004.jpg (21955 bytes)
Cyrtopodium punctatum
921005.jpg (21696 bytes)
Masdevallia peristeria

921006.jpg (24140 bytes)
Ionopsis paniculata
921007.jpg (22237 bytes)
Vanda bensoni
921008.jpg (19442 bytes)
Coelogyne schilleriana
921009.jpg (21045 bytes)
Limatodis rosea
921010.jpg (20100 bytes)
Cattleya schilleriana

921011.jpg (26456 bytes)
Bolbophyllum pahudi
(Double page)