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(England, 1930s - 1950s)
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Cicely Mary Barker, English poet and artist, authored the first of the Flower Fairy books in 1923.   The series features delightful illustrations of fairies with flowers of various seasons, gardens and trees.  Accompanying each illustration is a poem authored by Barker about the flower.

The Flower Fairy Alphabet was first published in 1934.  The prints presented here are original color plates that appeared in early editions of this series, dating from the 1930s through the 1950s.

Type of print:  Original color prints over 50 years old

Price per print: Print Only:  $35
Matting Charge:   $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $90
Dimensions: Print Only:  4 x 5-1/4 inches
Matted:  10 x 12 inches


Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

300101.jpg (8701 bytes)

Apple Blossom Fairy

300102.jpg (8082 bytes)

Bugle Fairy

300103.jpg (9074 bytes)

Columbine Fairy

300104.jpg (8152 bytes)

Double Daisy Fairy

300105.jpg (7354 bytes)

Eyebright Fairy

300106.jpg (8204 bytes)

Fuchsia Fairy

300107.jpg (8619 bytes)

Gorse Fairy

300108.jpg (7726 bytes)

Herb Twopence Fairy

300109.jpg (8566 bytes)

Iris Fairy

300110.jpg (8552 bytes)

Jasmine Fairy

300111.jpg (8807 bytes)

Kingcup Fairy

300112.jpg (7425 bytes)


300113.jpg (8519 bytes)

Mallow Fairy

300114.jpg (9192 bytes)

Nasturtium Fairy

300115.jpg (7460 bytes)

Orchis Fairy

300116.jpg (8145 bytes)

Pansy Fairy

300117.jpg (8307 bytes)

Queen of the Meadow Fairy

300118.jpg (7038 bytes)

Ragged Robin Fairy

300119.jpg (8354 bytes)

Strawberry Fairy

300120.jpg (7777 bytes)

Thrift Fairy

300121.jpg (9194 bytes)

Vetch Fairy

300122.jpg (8527 bytes)

Wallflower Fairy

300123.jpg (8401 bytes)

Yellow Deadnettle Fairy

300124.jpg (8216 bytes)

Zinnia Fairy