Orchid Prints from Jean Linden (1887-1901)
Orchid Prints from Jean Linden
(Belgium, 1887-1901)
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These beautiful prints are from one of the most important orchid references published in the 1800s - Lindenia Iconography of Orchids.  The narrative is by Jean Jules Linden (1817-1898), his son Lucien and other contributors.  Linden's interest in Orchids "blossomed" when at the age of 19 he was sponsored by the Belgium government on a scientific mission to Central and South America.  Over the next 10 years he traveled this region in search of new Orchid species.  During his life, Linden, along with Lucien, was responsible for importing over 1100 different species of Orchids into Europe.  The complete Lindenia featured over 813 varieties of Orchids.  Most of the illustrations shown here are by A. Goosens, with the brilliant chromolithography the work of the noted 19th century Belgium artist and lithographer Pieter de Pannemaeker.


Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:  $30
Framing & Matting Charge:  $175
Dimensions: Print Only:  10 x 14 inches
Matted:  16 x 20 inches
Type of print: Original chromolithograph
Year: 1887-1901

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Oncidium (No. 10040169)
Plate 169
Oncidium iridifolium

Chysis (No. 10040260)
Plate 260
Chysis aurea
Laelia (No. 10040290)
Plate 290
Laelia grandis
Dendrobium (No. 10040297)
Plate 297
Dendrobium ainsworth
Lycaste (No. 10040394)
Plate 394
Lycaste cinnabarina

Cattleya (No. 10040395)
Plate 395
Cattleya velutina

Odontoglossum (No. 10040419)
Plate 419
Odontoglossum wilckeanum
Vanda (No. 10040488)
Plate 488
Vanda parishi
Cypripedium (No. 10040732)
Plate 732
Cypripedium lathamianum
Cypripedium (No. 10040734)
Plate 734
Cypripedium albertianum