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British Birds and Their Nests

British Birds and Their Nests


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     Owls and Hawks - United States 
     Paris Zoo Prints - Mammals and Birds 
     Poultry Prints from Germany
     French Bird Prints -
Georges Buffon  (1831) 
     North American Bird Prints  - 
Louis Fuertes  (1901-1902)    
     Birds of Europe - Birds of Prey  - 
Charles Bree (1859) 
     Raven Prints 
     Bird Prints from The Book of Birds 
     Birds of Great Britain and Ireland
     Parrot and other Tropical Bird Prints
  -  Georges Buffon  (1831)  
     Birds of Britain - The Naturalist's Library 
-  Sir William Jardine (1839) 
     British Bird Prints by Archibald Thorburn
     Audobon Bird Prints   (1964) 
     British Ornithology
  -  George Graves (1821) 
     Birds of Europe - Songbirds  - 
Charles Bree  (1859)
     Parrots in Captivity
  -  W. T. Greene  (1884)  
     Bird Prints from Animated Nature  (1850s) 
     Cage and Chamber Birds  -  J. M. Bechstein   (1889) 
     Bird Prints from Winged Thoughts  (1851)  
     Illustrated Book of Poultry  -  Lewis Wright (1880s) 
     Birds from the British Museum  (1804) 
     Shorebirds - History of British Birds  -  Rev. Francis Morris (c. 1870s)
     Pheasant, Partridge and Quail Prints  (1898)
     Bird Prints - Children's Natural History   (1886)
     Poultry Prints
 -  Lewis Wright  (1897)
     Wetland Birds of North America  -  Jacob Studer    (1878)
     Bird Prints - Edouard Traviès (1880) 
     Peacocks  -  Various Artists  (1800s)
     Birds of Prey (Audobon)  (1890)
     Bird Prints from Cassell   (1873)    
     British Wild Birds    (1901)
     Duck Prints    (1821-1898) 
     Smaller British Birds  -  Alexander Lydon  (1874) 
     Birds of North America  -  Jacob Studer  (1878)
     Parrot Prints  -  Edward Lear  (1836)   
     Songbirds  -  Anne Pratt  (c. 1870s)
     Birds of Prey  -  Rev. F. O. Morris  (1851)  
     North American Poultry Prints  (1913)      
     Canaries and Cagebirds  - Joseph Ludlow  (1880)  
     The Poultry Book   -  Harrison Weir    (1904)
  -  Sir William Jardine  (1833)
     Birds of North America  (1888)
     Birds of Western Africa   -  Sir William Jardine  (1837)  

     Gamebirds & Waterfowl of South Africa  (1912) 
     Parrot Prints 
     Gamebirds of Rev. Morris  (1870s) 
     Bird Prints of George Graves  (1821) 
     Sunbirds  (1843)  
     Birds of Baron Cuvier (1834)  
     Illustrated Book of Pigeons   (late 1800s)         
  BIRDS - Nests and Eggs 
     British Birds and Their Nests 
     Bird Egg Prints - Blue Color

     Bird Egg Prints - White Color  (1896) 
     Eggs of Familiar Birds  (1880)     
     Nests and Eggs of Birds of North America
  -  Thomas Gentry  (1882) 
     Bird Eggs Prints from Birds of Europe  - 
Charles Bree (1859) 
     Bird Egg Prints - Birds of Great Britain and Ireland
     Nests of British Birds
   -  Rev. F. O. Morris  (1896)  
     British Oology (Egg Prints)
  -  William Hewitson  (1830s)  
     Eggs of British Birds
  -  Henry Seebohm  (1896)  
     Bird Egg Prints
 -  Rev. F. O. Morris    (1875) 
     Bird Nests
  -  Harrison Weir  (c. 1890)  
     Dairy Farming Prints - Cattle and Cows 
     Paris Zoo Prints - Mammals and Birds 
     Equestrian Prints - The Naturalist's Library
     Cow and Cattle Prints
  -  US Government   (1888) 
     Wilderness Animal Prints by Edwin Deming 
     Dog Prints from The Naturalist's Library 
     Pachyderm Prints - Elephants, Rhinoceros, Hogs 
- The Naturalist's Library  (1836) 
     British Livestock Prints - Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Poultry 
     Mammal Prints from Italy
     Mammal Prints from Buffon's Natural History  - 
Georges Buffon  (c. 1790s)  
     Monkey Prints by Johannes Keulemans
     Dutch Mammal Prints  
     French Agriculture Prints - Cattle, Sheep and Poultry 
     Domestic Animals 
(c. 1880s)   
     Mammal Prints from Our Living World
     Monkey Prints - The Naturalist's Library
- Sir William Jardine  (1833)          
     Mammals from The Animal Kingdom 
-  Baron Georges Cuvier   (1834) 
     Mammal Prints - Animated Nature 
     Mammal Prints   -
Thomas Landseer  (1878)

     Bear Prints  - Various Artists
     Mammal Prints
  -  Richard Lydekker (Royal Natural History, 1890s)  
     German Natural History Prints - Mammals
     Deer, Moose and Elk Prints
     Mammal Prints - Children's Natural History Series
     Big Cat Prints
     Frog Prints
     Mammal Prints
 - Lloyd's Natural History  (1898)
     Mammal Prints
 - Gallery of Natural History  (1885)
     Mammal Prints
    - Sir William Jardine  (1830s) 
- Sir William Jardine  (1837) 

     Mammal Prints - D'Orbigny  (1849) 
     Book of the Horse (1870s) 
     Cat Prints   -  Lloyd's Natural History  (1898)
     Mammals from The British Museum  (1804)
     Equestrian  (late 1800s)  
     Reptile Prints

     Fish Prints - Dictionary of Natural History  -  Charles D'Orbigny   (1849) 
     Antique Fish Prints - Various Artists 
(1800s to early-1900s)
     British Fish - The Naturalist's Library  -  Sir William Jardine  (1843)
     Fish of the British Islands
  -  Jonathan Couch (1862)  
     North American Trout
     Fresh Water Fish
 -  Rev. W. Houghton (1879)  
     North American Fish Prints
 - Sherman Denton  (1900-1902)  
- Sir William Jardine  (1835) 
    Fish Prints from the British Museum  (1804) 

     Beetle Prints - Dictionary of Natural History 
     European Butterflies and Moths
- W. F. Kirby (1882)  
     Butterfly Prints from Lloyd's Natural History 
     Butterflies and Moths - Natural History of British Insects 
-  Edward Donovan  (1793)
     Butterflies of Britain 
-  J. Westwood  (1887)
     Beetle Prints from British Entomology
  -  John Curtis (1825-1838) 
     Book of Butterflies
     British Bees
  -  The Naturalist's Library  (1835) 
     Foreign Butterflies
   -  The Naturalist's Library  (1837)  
     Butterfly and Moths from The Animal Kingdom
  -  Georges Cuvier  (1837)
     Bee Prints - The Naturalist's Library
 -  Sir William Jardine    (1840) 
     History of British Butterflies
- Rev. F. O. Morris  (1891)  
     Exposition of English Insects
  -  Moses Harris  (1782) 
     Moths and Sphinxes
  -  Sir William Jardine   (1836) 
     British Entomology
  -  John Curts (1828-1830) 
     Book of Butterflies
     Insect Prints
  - British Museum  (1804)    
Beetles and Bugs (1834)         
     Fossil Prints - Mammals, Fish and Reptiles  (1849)  
     Mammals and Birds from All Over the World  (1860s)
     Natural History Encyclopedia Prints from Germany  (late 1800s) 
     French Natural History Prints - Felix Guerin  (1830s)  
     French Agriculture Prints - Cattle, Poultry and Cattle  (1862)
     Astronomy Prints - School Atlas  (1886)
     Seashell and Zoophyte Prints - Dictionary of Natural History  -  Charles D'Orbigny (1849) 
     German Natural History Prints - Human Anatomy   (1843)
     Popular British Seashells  -  George Sowerby  (1854)
     German Astronomical Charts  (1881)
     Catalogue of Shells  (1856) 
     Animated Nature - Engravings  -  Oliver Goldsmith  (mid-1800s)  
     Animated Nature - Hand-colored PrintsOliver Goldsmith  (mid-1800s)
     Seashells from The Animal Kingdom
  -  Baron Georges Cuvier  (1837)

     Metamorphoses  -  Jean Grandville (1864)
     Seashell Prints  -  George Sowerby (c. 1860s)
     Astronomy and Meteorology Prints 
     Anthropology Prints 
     Crustacean Prints   (1837-1849)  
     Engravings from Animated Nature - Oliver Goldsmith  (1836)  
     Human Anatomy - Charles D'Orbigny  (1849) 
     Astronomy  (1852)  
     Seashells (1857) 


    Pheasant, Partridge and Quail Prints  (1898)
    Cagebirds  (1853)  

Poultry of North America   (1901)
     Bird Egg Prints  (1913) 
    Birds from Lloyds Natural History (1898)



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