French Apple and Apricot Prints (1868-1869)
French Apple and
Apricot Prints
(France, 1868-1869)
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These beautiful hand-colored prints are from the mid-1800s French pomological journal Les Fruits Cultives en France (Fruits Cultivated in France).  Issued in monthly installments, the accompanying text page provides a history on the origin of different varieties of fruit, synonyms and description.  Apple and Apricot prints from the series are featured on this page.

The prints are noteworthy both for the detail shown for each fruit (whole and sectional views, as well as the leaf structure) and fine level of hand-coloring done to the original lithographic print.


Price per print: Print Only:  $90
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $110
Dimensions: Print Only:  6-1/2 x 10-1/2 inches
Matted:  12 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored lithograph
Year: 1868-1869
Other details: Includes original page of accompanying text

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Apples (No. 11120008)
Plate 8
Reinette Doree

Apples (No. 11120057)
Plate 57
Passe-Pomme Rouge
Apples (No. 11120058)
Plate 58
Seedling Ofine
Apples (No. 11120059)
Plate 59
Apples (No. 11120060)
Plate 60
P. de Jaune

Apples (No. 11120061)
Plate 61
P. Pearmin d'Ete

Apples (No. 11120062)
Plate 62
P. Calville d'Oullins
Apples (No. 11120063)
Plate 63
Pomme No. 8 (Chailleux)
Apples (No. 11120064)
Plate 64
Reinette Lagrange
Apples (No. 11120065)
Plate 65
Court-Pendu Gris

Apples (No. 11120066)
Plate 66
P. Caroli (d'Italie)

Apricots (No. 11130011)
Plate 11
Abricot Mexico
Apricots (No. 11130012)
Plate 12
Abricot Liabaud
Apricots (No. 11130031)
Plate 31
P. Lisse Blanche