Prints from The Book of ABCs
Prints from
The Book of ABCs
(United States, 1923)
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These charming prints are from the First Edition of The Book of ABCs dating to 1923.  They are unique for their vivid colors and simple graphic design.  The prints are based on original woodcut illustrations by C. B. (Charles Buckles) Falls (1874-1960).  The series has been used to teach children the alphabet using animals they are familiar with.


Price per print: Print Only: $70
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $125
Dimensions: Print Only:  8 x 11 inches
Matted:  13 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original color print
Year: 1923

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Alphabet (No. 70080001)
A is for Antelope

Alphabet (No. 70080002)
B is for Bear

Alphabet (No. 70080003)
C is for Cat

Alphabet (No. 70080004)
D is for Duck

Alphabet (No. 70080005)
E is for Elephant

Alphabet (No. 70080006)
F is for Fox

Alphabet (No. 70080007)
G is for Giraffe

Alphabet (No. 70080008)
H is for Horse

Alphabet (No. 70080009)
I is for Ibis

Alphabet (No. 70080010)
J is for Jaguar

Alphabet (No. 70080011)
K is for Kangaroo

Alphabet (No. 70080012)
L is for Lion

Alphabet (No. 70080013)
M is for Mouse

Alphabet (No. 70080014)
N is for Newt

Alphabet (No. 70080015)
O is for Orang

Alphabet (No. 70080016)
P is for Pelican

Alphabet (No. 70080017)
Q is for Quail

Alphabet (No. 70080018)
R is for Rooster

Alphabet (No. 70080019)
S is for Swan

Alphabet (No. 70080020)
T is for Turkey

Alphabet (No. 70080021)
U is for Unicorn

Alphabet (No. 70080022)
V is for Vulture

Alphabet (No. 70080023)
W is for Wolf

Alphabet (No. 70080024)
X is for Xiphius

Alphabet (No. 70080025)
Y is for Yak

Alphabet (No. 70080026)
Z is for Zebra