Botanical Prints - Flowering Plants of South Africa
Flowering Plants of South Africa
(South Africa, 1922)
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These Botanical prints feature plants native to South Africa.   The prints are part of a series published from 1921 through 1999.  The series was modeled after Curtis's Botanical Magazine and the objective, as noted by the Editors, "is to convey to the reader the beauty and variety of form of the African flora, to stimulate interest in the study, conservation and cultivation of African plants and to advance the science of botany as well as botanical art".  It is also one of the later examples of hand-colored Botanical prints in our collection.  By the early 1900s techniques such as chromolithography and offset color printing were being used to produce color prints.


Price per print: Print Only:  As shown
Matting Charge:  $20
Framing & Matting Charge:  $125
Dimensions: Print Only:  7 x 9-1/2 inches
Matted:  13 x 16 inches
Type of print: Original hand-colored lithograph
Year: 1922
Other details: Includes original page of accompanying text

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Cyrtanthus Print (No. 10710004)
Plate 4
Fire Lily
(Cyrtanthus contractus)
Conebush Print (No. 10710007)
Plate 7
Bootpolish Conebush
(Leucadendron stokoei)
Richardia Print (No. 10710010)
Plate 10
(Richardia angustiloba)
Iris Print (No. 10710031)
Plate 31
African Iris
(Moraea iridioides)

Aloe Print (No. 10710062)
Plate 62
Zimbabwe Aloe
(Aloe excelsa)
Star-of-Bethlehem Print (No. 10710075)
Plate 75
(Ornithogalum roodeae)
Cowslip Print (No. 10710091)
Plate 91
Cape Cowslip
(Lachenalia roodeae)
Granadilla Print (No. 10710113)
Plate 113
Wild Granadilla
(Adenia digitata)

Gladiolus Print (No. 10710116)
Plate 116
(Gladiolus psittacinus)
Snakes-head Print (No. 10710142)
Plate 142
(Urginea macrocentra)
Synnotia Print (No. 10710162)
Plate 162
(Synnotia bicolor)
Aloe Print (No. 10710169)
Plate 169
Red Aloe
(Aloe ferox)

Canary Creeper Print (No. 10710174)
Plate 174
Canary Creeper
(Senecio tamoides)
Sugarbush Print (No. 10710177)
Plate 177
Ceres Sugarbush
(Protea pityphylla)
Gladiolus Print (No. 10710182)
Plate 182
Red Sword Lily
(Gladiolus cruentus)
Bird-of-paradise Print (No. 10710186)
Plate 186
(Strelitzia reginae)

Snapdragon Print (No. 10710188)
Plate 188
Tree Jockey (Snapdragon)
(Dermatobotrys Saundersii)
Pea Print (No. 10710193)
Plate 193
Balloon Pea
(Sutherlandia frutescens)
Daisy Print (No. 10710198)
Plate 198
Cape Daisy
(Venidium wyleyi)
Beach Bean Print (No. 10710227)
Plate 227
Beach Bean
(Canavalia obtusifolia)

Tumbleweed Print (No. 10710230)
Plate 230
Tumbleweed or Windball
(Buphane disticha)
Protea Print (No. 10710231)
Plate 231
King Protea
(Protea cynaroides)
Gladiolus Print (No. 10710233)
Plate 233
Sword Lily
(Gladiolus hirsutus)
Watsonia Print (No. 10710238)
Plate 238
Table Mountain Watsonia
(Watsonia tabularis)