Botanical Prints from The Botanic Garden - Benjamin Maund
Botanical Prints from
Benjamin Maund's The Botanic Garden
(England, 1829)
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These hand-colored Botanical prints are from The Botanic Garden, published from 1825 to 1851 by Benjamin Maund.  The Garden consisted of "highly finished representations of hardy Ornamental Flowering Plants cultivated in Great Britain".   Maund, who is also known as the publisher of The Botanist, authored the text which described for each plant "their names, classes, orders, history, qualities, culture and physiological observations".  Among the illustrators were two of Maund's daughters, identified as Miss S. Maund and Miss E. Maund.

Each print is provided in a conservation mat that is ready to be framed.  A photo showing a matted Botanic Garden print is shown at the end of this page.  Included with the Botanical prints are the original text pages authored by Benjamin Maund.


Price per print: Matted:  $45
Framed:  $115
Dimensions: 10 x 10 (Matted)
Type of print: Original hand-colored engraving
Year: 1829
Other details: Includes original page of background text

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Botanical Print - Rose (No. 11560197)
Plate 197
Lady Banks's Yellow Rose
Botanical Print - Anemone (No. 11560198)
Plate 198
Pasque Flower
Botanical Print - Primrose (No. 11560201)
Plate 201
Lindley's Tree Primrose

Botanical Print - Auricula (No. 11560203)
Plate 203
Botanical Print - Tritoma (No. 11560204)
Plate 204
Lesser Tritoma
Botanical Print - Globeflower (No. 11560209)
Plate 209
European Globeflower

Botanical Print - Monkshood (No. 11560210)
Plate 210
Botanical Print - Whortleberry (No. 11560211)
Plate 211
Broad-leaved Whortleberry
Botanical Print - Cyclamen (No. 11560229)
Plate 229
Round-leaved Cyclamen

Botanical Print - Catchfly (No. 11560232)
Plate 232
Stemless Catchfly
Botanical Print - Peony (No. 11560241)
Plate 241
Poppy-flowered Tree Peony
Botanical Print - Narcissus (No. 11560244)
Plate 244
Polyanthus Narcissus

Botanical Print - Azalea (No. 11560261)
Plate 261
Yellow Azalea
Botanical Print - Fumitory (No. 11560262)
Plate 262
Haller's Fumitory
Botanical Print - Iris (No. 11560263)
Plate 263
Dwarf Iris

Botanical Print - Iris (No. 11560278)
Plate 278
Variegated Iris (or Fleur-de-lis)
Botanical Print - Snapdragon (No. 11560279)
Plate 279
Great Snapdragon
Botanical Print - Lily (No. 11560285)
Plate 285
Atamasco Lily

Botanical Print - Yucca (No. 11560286)
Plate 286
Glorious Adam's-needle
Botanical Print - Dianthus (No. 11560287)
Plate 287
Prince of Orange Picotee
Botanical Print - Gentian (No. 11560288)
Plate 288
Swallow-wort-leaved Gentian

Botanic Garden Print - Matted

Photo of a matted Botanic Garden print.

The matting includes all conservation materials -
acid-free mat board, 100% cotton rag backing board
and archival tape.

The matted print is ready to be framed and
enjoyed in your home.