Antique French Architecture Prints
Antique French Architecture Prints
(France, 1870s)
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The French architecture prints  on this page are from a folio showing "modern construction" techniques for a variety of domestic and commercial structures including plans, sectional views, elevations and architectural details.  The plans are "drawn to scale by various architects" practicing in and around Paris in the 1870s.


Price per print: Print Only:  $60
Matting Charge:  $30
Framing & Matting Charge:  $175
Dimensions: Print Only:  9 x 12 inches
Matted:  16 x 20 inches
Type of print: Original lithograph
Year: 1870s

Click on any image to see an enlargement of the print

Architecture Prints - Mansion (No. 61370026)
Plate 26
Mansion - Modern Style
(Maison Bourgeoise)
Architecture Prints - House (No. 61370027)
Plate 27
House and Workshop
(Maison d'Habitation et Atelier)
Architecture Prints - Guard House (No. 61370030)
Plate 30
Guard House
(Maison de Garde)

Architecture Prints - Moorish House (No. 61370031)
Plate 31
House - Moorish Style
(Habitation Champetre)
Architecture Prints - Mansion (No. 61370032)
Plate 32
Small Mansion - Modern Style
(Petite Maison Bourgeoise)
Architecture Prints - Washing House (No. 61370033)
Plate 33
Washing/Laundry House
(Lavoir et Buanderie)

Architecture Prints - Workshop (No. 61370034)
Plate 34
Home and Workshop
(Habitation et Atelier)
Architecture Prints - Rural House (No. 61370035)
Plate 35
Rural House and Outbuildings
(Maison Rurale et Dependances)
Architecture Prints - Mansion (No. 61370036)
Plate 36
Small Mansion - Renaissance Style
(Petite Maison Bourgeoise)

Architecture Prints - Apartment House (No. 61370037)
Plate 37
Small Apartment House in the Countryside
(Petite Maison de Rapport)
Architecture Prints - House (No. 61370039)
Plate 39
Small House - Timber Framed
(Petite Maisonnette)
Architecture Prints - Trading House (No. 61370040)
Plate 40
Small Trading House (Store and Apartment)
(Petite Maison de Commerce)

Architecture Prints - Apartment House (No. 61370041)
Plate 41
Apartment House on the Beach
(Maison de Rapport sur une Plage)
Architecture Prints - Cottage (No. 61370043)
Plate 43
Gardener's Cottage
(Maison de Jardinier)
Architecture Prints - Mansion (No. 61370044)
Plate 44
Mansion - Italian Style
(Maison Bourgeoise)

Architecture Prints - Cottage (No. 61370045)
Plate 45
Cottage around Paris
(Cottage aux Environs de Paris)
Architecture Prints - Pigeon Loft (No. 61370046)
Plate 46
Water Reservoir (with Pigeon Loft)
(Reservoir Couvert & Resserre d'Outils)
Architecture Prints - Rural House (No. 61370047)
Plate 47
Rural House for a Small Farm
(Maison Rurale pour une Petite Ferme)

Architecture Prints - Store (No. 61370048)
Plate 48
Novelty Store with Apartment
(Magasin de Nouveaute avec Logements)
Architecture Prints - Mansion (No. 61370049)
Plate 49
Mansion - Modern Style
(Maison Bourgeoise)
Architecture Prints - Stables (No. 61370050)
Plate 50
Stables with Shed
(Ecurie, Remise, Grenier a Fourrage)